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I'm a doing a Master's degree in English Literature at the University of Oxford. I have a degree in Comparative Literature from University College London (UCL).


Born and raised in France, I moved to the UK in 2018 after spending several months in Scandinavia. I was formally diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome (nowadays called autism) and ADHD after several misdiagnoses with mental health disorders and unsuccessful treatments to improve my mental health.

I have been drawing for a long time and started sharing my drawings following my diagnosis with autism. I'm trying to break stereotypes about gender, age, and race that surround autism and cause a lot of misunderstanding. I want to raise awareness of the situation of autistic women and girls who are very often misdiagnosed with other mental health illnesses or never diagnosed at all.

I am the founder of the UCL autism society and have been involved in numerous talks and campaigns about neuro-diversity, autistic females and mental health.

Alice Farion

Student based in Oxford, United Kingdom


Alice and Beda in Sweden
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Talks and seminars

2021, December

UNAM UK: Applied-Health Humanities Webinar

2021, 2nd December

UCL Centre for AI: #Wearethe15 in AI Webinar - Chair of the panel on Autism and AI

2021, 8th June

UCL Societies Awards: Welfare Award


UCL Students' Union: This Girl Can

2020, 5th November

UCL - Talk for medical students on accessibility in sports (recording only available for UCL students)


Spotlight on: Life at UCL with an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC)



UCL: Studying tips and tricks: a Neurodivergent Perspective


Where The Leaves Fall: [Illustration] 'The Earthy Sensuous' by Shell Parsons, issue 7, pp. 134-5.


Hope Mindset: [Mixed media] 'Recovery'.


Aspiring to be You: 'The co-occurrence of autism and eating disorders'.


UCL Student Union: This Girl Can.


The Art of autism: 'The Heartbreak and Shame of Pretending to be Normal in a Neurotypical World'.



Cheese Grater magazine: 'My Four Walls: Coping with an Eating Disorder during a Pandemic'.


UCL Student Union: My summer story.


Drawing Out


Drawing Out


The Art of Autism: 'How Drawing Helps Me Express the Loneliness and Alienation I Feel'.


Tabou Magazine: 'Sensory Overload'.

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